Coping with Anxiety When It Happens (and trust me... it will!) |

Coping with Anxiety When It Happens (and trust me… it will!)

I was required to take a course in college on stress management, and it changed the way I thought about stress. Things WILL happen in our lives that cause stress. It’s how we deal with these “stressors” that make or break us. This class gave us many practical tools to cope, but it left out one crucial element. As Believers, we have access to the most powerful stress relieving tool of all. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, coping with anxiety is entirely possible. Continue Reading

Taking Life One Day at a Time When You’re Emotionally Drained

Stress. Anxiety. Fear. We all experience it. And when it happens, it has a way of draining us both emotionally and physically. A while back, I wrote a post called 10 Bible Verses for When You’re Emotionally Drained. This post has received more traffic than any other blog post I have written by far. We obviously have a problem in this area as a culture. (And on a side note, I am glad to see that we’re seeking God’s Word for help!) The truth is that Jesus had a lot to say about worry and anxiety. He cautioned His followers to take one day at a time and not worry about the cares of tomorrow. But what does this look like in action? Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why You Should Live in the Moment |

3 Reasons Why You Should Live in the Moment

As Christians, we are often taught to be eternity minded. Colossians 3 tells us to set our minds “on the things above” rather than the things of earth. And Paul often reminded the early believers of the future that awaited them to inspire them and give them hope during their difficult circumstances. But I wonder if in our attempts to be “eternity minded,” we’ve become entirely “future-minded” instead. While it’s a good thing to have hope for our future, we certainly don’t want to miss out on what God has for us in the present. We need to live in the moment and embrace each day as an opportunity to grow and live out the call of God on our lives. Continue Reading

How to Trade Your Stress for God's Peace |

How to Trade Your Stress for God’s Peace

Pressure. Tension. Strain. We’ve all been there… when either the demands of others or the demands we place on ourselves cause stress in our lives. In previous posts from this series, we’ve dealt with finding God’s peace in the chaos of life and when you’re emotionally exhausted. But stress… stress is different. When I was in college, we were required to take a course on stress management. My main takeaway was that stress is inevitable. It’s a part of life. And in the end, it’s what we do with stress that matters most.  Continue Reading

How to Cope When Your To Do List Takes Over Your Life |

How to Cope When Your To Do List Takes Over Your Life

If you’re anything like me, you make lists. Lots of lists. I currently have several on my phone, some on my laptop, and sticky notes wherever I can find space. Yes, I’m addicted to lists! But when your to do list takes over your life, how do you handle it? I, for one, struggle with this on a daily basis. Especially recently. You see, my life was thrown a bit off course. In every area of my life – health, family, homemaking, finances – you name it, I was thrown some curve balls! Needless to say, my to do lists suffered. Everything I had intended to accomplish during the months of August and September needed to be set aside. And I had to learn to be okay with it.

It was during this time, however, that God taught me an important lesson. We can make to do lists all day long. But when your life is driven by them, you have a problem. Continue Reading

Life is full of trials and difficult circumstances. No person is immune. So what are we as Christians to do when life seems to be spinning out of control?

When Your Life Is Spinning Out of Control

The perfect storm… it’s a term we use to describe a storm that is so beyond destructive, so meticulous in its design, that it is nothing short of perfection. This is not exactly the term you would want to use to describe your life. But unfortunately, many of us have been there. We look around at our lives and see a whirlwind of problems threatening to destroy us. So what are we as Christians to do when our life seems to be spinning out of control? Continue Reading

How to Rid Your Mind of Stress: Trusting God with the Day-to-Day |

How to Rid Your Mind of Stress: Trusting God with the Day-to-Day

When I was a freshman in college, I was required to take a class called “stress management.” I learned one important truth: if you desire to rid your mind of stress… good luck! Instead, I was taught how to manage my stress because truth be told, stress is a part of life. The sooner I accepted that fact, the better off I would be in managing it. There was just one problem with this particular class… God wasn’t a part of the equation. The Bible tells us that stress, fear, anxiety, and worry are all a part of our lives before Christ.

Perfect love casts out all fear… and Jesus is the very definition of perfect love. Continue Reading

How to Persevere When You've Had a Hard Day |

How to Persevere When You’ve Had a Hard Day

Have you ever had one of those days? A day when you barely struggled to survive? I’ve had a few of them… days when the kids were wild, the house was a wreck, and things were simply not going the way I had planned. I always start my days with the best intentions and to-do lists a mile long. But for some reason, I stray from my original plans. I stop focusing on how to persevere and instead I find myself settling for survival. Continue Reading

Peace on Earth: 3 Ways to Choose Peace This Holiday Season |

Peace on Earth: 3 Ways to Choose Peace This Holiday Season

I absolutely love the holiday season. We get to celebrate, drink hot chocolate, decorate, shop ’til we drop, and spend time with family and friends. And did I mention Christmas carols? With so much to enjoy, it’s easy to take it all for granted. This season can be the “most wonderful time of the year,” but it can also be the most stressful. Peace on earth, goodwill to men. I was thinking about this common phrase we sing around Christmas time, and I couldn’t shake it from my mind. Continue Reading

10 Bible Verses for When You Face Anxiety

Anxiety is something we all face from time to time. Our worries eat at us, keep us awake at night, and steal hours (or days) of joy from our lives. Needless to say, it isn’t good for us to be worried all the time. (And medical science would agree with me.) Continue Reading

8 Reasons to Trust God Even When Things Are Up in the Air |

8 Reasons to Trust God Even When Things Are Up in the Air

I’m a worrier. I’ll admit it. When faced with a problem or uncertainty, I will keep myself awake at night analyzing every detail… especially when I have no control over the issue. Why do I do this to myself? Why can’t I just trust God like I’m supposed to?


My husband and I are in the process of selling our home and buying a new one. Everything… and I mean everything is up in the air and out of our control. We found a buyer and our “dream” home, but anything can fall through at a moment’s notice. That’s a scary place to be for a worrier like myself! Continue Reading

Holiday Joy or Holiday Stress? 4 Practical Ways to Choose Joy This Christmas |

Holiday Joy or Holiday Stress: 4 Practical Ways to Choose Joy This Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching and life is getting busier… and much more stressful. As the mom of two little ones, I fully understand how crazy life can be around the holidays. There is so much to remember! I have a mental checklist of things to do that seems to be growing every day rather than shrinking. Needless to say, my holiday joy has turned into holiday stress. It’s exhausting, to say the least! Continue Reading

How to Prevent Your To-Do List from Becoming an Idol

I love making lists. I’m one of those people who will put something on my to-list that I’ve already done, just so I can check it off and feel accomplished. As I am beginning a new school year (and my first year officially homeschooling), my to-do lists have taken over my life. Every day, they get longer and longer as a few unchecked items get shoved to the following day’s list.

Instead of de-stressing my life, my lists have found a way to ADD stress to my life. Now I get to feel guilty and unproductive when one or two items don’t earn a check mark for the day.


How to Prevent Your To-Do List from Becoming an Idol | Continue Reading

Overworked and Exhausted: 5 Tips to Avoid Burnout |

Overworked and Exhausted: 5 Tips to Avoid Burnout

My alarm went off at 4:40 this morning. The last thing I wanted to do was get up and go for a run. Don’t get me wrong. I love to run, and I am actually enjoying training for my first half marathon. But if I’m being honest, the transition from sleeping in my bed to putting on my running shoes was brutal. …And my day was just beginning.  I’m fairly certain that neither one of my toddlers slept well last night. There were more tears this morning than we’ve had in a long time (my own included.) As I was changing probably the worst diaper in history, the exhaustion set in. I was totally burned out. Continue Reading