Entering God's Rest: How to Live in the Promises of God | alyssajhoward.com

Entering God’s Rest: How to Live in the Promises of God

When the Israelites were led into the Promised Land, it wasn’t easy. In fact, it was downright difficult. They had the promises of God, but they failed time and time again to trust Him. This lack of trust led them to spend forty years wandering the desert. Those who failed to trust God also failed to ever see the Promised Land. It was instead given to their children. In Hebrews 3-4, we read about this very event… only the writer of Hebrews is now using this story as a comparison to what we have in Christ. We have access to God’s rest through Jesus. The question is, will we choose to place our faith in Him… or will we choose to wander? Continue Reading

It’s in the Moments: Learning to Enjoy All of God’s Blessings

My husband and I just returned from a much needed long weekend away. And I’m sure I’m not the first to say that a break from the norm is necessary from time to time. We all need rest…. so much so that God established a day of rest at Creation. Resting was part of the Ten Commandments and the old Mosaic law. And now we as believers are told to find rest in Christ Jesus. All work and no play was never God’s intention for His creation. Continue Reading

What Does Honoring the Sabbath Look Like Under the New Covenant? | alyssajhoward.com

What Does Honoring the Sabbath Look Like Under the New Covenant?

This is the final part of a series I am working on about honoring the Sabbath and what it means for believers today. Feel free to catch up by reading part 1part 2, and part 3.


I distinctly remember learning the Ten Commandments as a little girl in Sunday school. Every one of them made sense to me except for one… honoring the Sabbath. What did that even mean anyway? Did going to church on Sunday mornings count? Continue Reading

Pace Yourself: Learning to Endure in the Faith

One of the most important aspects of running is learning how to pace yourself. It is essential for you to pace your overall training. When working towards an upcoming race, you can’t push yourself too hard. Training properly involves a gradual progression of miles and speed. Pushing yourself too hard, too fast will ultimately result in injury and burnout.

Another way a runner paces themselves is during their individual runs. For me personally, I have a much easier time pacing myself during training than I do during races. Nerves and adrenaline kick in at the starting line, and I find myself running too fast in the beginning. I end up burning myself out too quickly and have no energy left to finish the race. I literally have to remind myself to slow down when I start running. Continue Reading