How to Find Peace in Your Marriage |

How to Find Peace in Your Marriage

Marriage is bound to have moments of unrest. It doesn’t take long after the wedding day to figure out that marriage can have its difficulties. It’s inevitable for every couple to disagree or argue. But what if I told you that peace was indeed possible in your marriage? Continue Reading

How to Rekindle Your Love for Your Spouse |

How to Rekindle Your Love for Your Spouse

Let’s face it. Deep down you love your spouse. Even on their worst days, you care about them deeply. But if we’re being totally honest with ourselves… romance has a way of… coming and going. While we would do nearly anything for our significant others, sometimes we lose the “loving feeling” so to speak. So what do we do when the feelings aren’t there? When marriage feels more like work than romance? How do you rekindle your love? Continue Reading

3 Ways to Renew Your Mind and Better Your Marriage

Marriages are never easy. As compatible as you think you are with someone, at some point you will disagree. It’s at this point that most of us seek out a way to better our marriage. We try to fight less, have “date” nights, read marriage books, and look for advice from those who have been married longer than us. But when push comes to shove, many issues within our marriage could be solved if we would simply choose to renew our thinking. Continue Reading

Why It's Important for Your Children to Witness Your Marriage |

Why It’s Important for Your Children to Witness Your Marriage

And they lived happily ever after… From an early age, these are often the words our children first learn about marriage. After all, nearly every princess fairy tale ends in a wedding gown. Most don’t dive into the inner workings of a marriage. We never see Cinderella and Prince Charming in the middle of a heated argument. We only see the dress, the fairy tale, and the happy ending. This is why it is so important for your children to witness your marriage… They need to see what happily ever after actually looks like in the real world. Continue Reading

When Your Spouse Doesn't Have Time for You |

When Your Spouse Doesn’t Have Time for You

Marriage can be one of the most rewarding relationships in our lives, but it can also be one of the most difficult. When you’re young and in love, you think to yourself, “This is it. I can’t imagine anything better. I couldn’t be happier!” But as the years pass, you begin to realize that there’s a reason most fairy tales end with the wedding… (and they lived happily ever after right?) After the wedding, life goes back to normal. Careers, children, and everyday chores can get the best of us if we let them. And when there’s not enough time in the day to finish your mile long to-do list, it’s easy for your marriage to take a back seat. Continue Reading

Serving Your Spouse: The Secret to a Successful Marriage

We’ve all heard the statistics. Over fifty percent of marriages fall apart, and that number increases for subsequent marriages. We cite a plethora of reasons for our divorces. We fall out of love. We desire to be with someone more “compatible” or who better meets our needs. There’s too much fighting. We simply aren’t happy. We deserve better. They are no longer the person I married. With every reason, we feel justified in walking away. It simply isn’t working anymore… right? Continue Reading

The Proverbs 31 Man: Wisdom for the Modern Husband

Proverbs 31 is often seen as a standard of living for the Christian wife. If I’m completely honest, I must admit that I find the list of attributes to be quite daunting. It is certainly something that many Christian women strive for in their homes, but no woman can be the “proverbs 31 woman” every moment of every day. Believe me. I’ve tried, and it’s hard.

Even then, I love this chapter of God’s Word. It gives me something to work towards as a wife and mother. But I have to ask myself one question: is there such as thing as the proverbs 31 man?


The Proverbs 31 Man: Wisdom for the Modern Husband | Continue Reading

God's Design for Marriage: Blueprint of a Beautiful Relationship |

God’s Design for Marriage: Blueprint of a Beautiful Relationship

When God made Adam and placed him in the Garden of Eden, He knew that Adam would need a helper. Not a servant, but a helper. His original design for marriage was that Adam and Eve would work together. Their strengths would complement one another. They would build each other up and bring out God’s best in one another. They would be equals.

But when sin came into the world, everything changed. The battle of the sexes had begun.


God's Design for Marriage: Blueprint of a Beautiful Relationship | Continue Reading

The Truth About Marriage: It's a Covenant, Not a Contract |

The Truth About Marriage: It’s a Covenant, Not a Contract

We live in a culture that is very contract-minded. We make promises to one another, often in writing, but if one person doesn’t hold up their end of the deal, the contract is canceled. In other words, the contract can be broken if one party decides not to keep their word. We do this to protect ourselves. We don’t want to have to hold up our end of the deal if the other party is unwilling to hold up theirs.

A covenant, however, is a much deeper agreement – one that is binding. Covenants aren’t common in our culture today. We like to know that we can back out of an agreement if we’re not getting what we need or want out of it. In a marriage situation, we like to know that if our needs aren’t being met, we can choose to walk away and find someone else to meet them. Continue Reading

The Truth About Marriage and Our Call to Submit |

The Truth About Marriage and Our Call to Submit

In today’s modern culture, submission in marriage is fairly controversial. We’ve been taught for generations that man is the “head of the household” and women are called to “submit to him in all things.” Many churches today teach that men and women are equal in God’s eyes, but they each have different roles to play. And in the end, the husband has the final say.

But I can’t stop thinking about this term “submission.” Because in my mind (and I know I’m not alone in feeling this way), submission by the world’s standard means blind obedience. It requires me to put myself under the authority of my husband in a way that dismisses my thoughts and feelings. I can’t help but envision the way a dog submits to his master. He obeys, honors, and respects the wishes of his owner. It’s this mentality that makes it so difficult for many wives to accept that this is God’s perfect will for marriage. Is this really what Paul had in mind when he called wives to submit to their husbands?
Continue Reading

Good and Bad Communication: 9 Ways to Resolve Conflict in Marriage |

Good and Bad Communication: 9 Ways to Resolve Conflict in Marriage

My husband and I took a cruise for our honeymoon. During one of the shows, they brought a couple up on stage who had been married over 50 years. And when asked how they did it, the husband replied, “Two words… I’m sorry!” Then the wife replied, “I forgive you!” We all had a good laugh at the time, but their advice proved to be incredibly wise. Marital conflict is inevitable, but a lot of it could be avoided if we would simply learn to listen, communicate effectively, and admit when we are wrong. Continue Reading

3 Negative Attitudes That Will Destroy Your Marriage |

3 Negative Attitudes That Will Destroy Your Marriage

The Bible tells us to fix our thoughts on “what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.” (Philippians 4:8) This outlook on life affects every aspect of our lives – including our marriages. The enemy likes to use our negative attitudes and thoughts to suck the joy out of marriages. But the good news is that we don’t have to let him. Continue Reading

The Truth About Marriage: Love is a Choice |

The Truth About Marriage: Love is a Choice

As crazy as it sounds, divorce is almost seen as a rite of passage in today’s culture. It’s certainly seen as a viable option when our marriages hit rough times. The problem with this thinking is that ALL marriages hit rough times. So based on our culture’s standard, all marriages have times where divorce could be on the table as an option. Continue Reading

The True Purpose of Marriage (according to the Bible) |

The True Purpose of Marriage (according to the Bible)

We all know the statistics. Marriage is hard. But the truth about marriage is that with the right perspective (and help from the Holy Spirit), it can be one of the greatest blessings of our lives. One of the first things we have to remember about marriage is that it was originally God’s idea. (Genesis 2:18, 21-22) Not only that, but He outlines the true purpose of marriage in His Word. Continue Reading