Unmistakably His: A Story of Confidence and Grace

Today, I am honored to feature guest writer Kate Schwab!


A few weekends ago I attended a faith-based writers conference. I had never been to one, and I
have to say – it was awesome! The huge throng of people who showed up, (mostly women) the
excitement in the air, the publishers that attended; looking for new talent and fresh voices, and
best of all the Holy Spirit moving with us throughout the day. It was incredible. Continue Reading

When Your Crown Falls Off: What It Means to be Royal in the Eyes of God | alyssajhoward.com

When Your Crown Falls Off: What It Means to Be Royal in the Eyes of God

My daughters love to play dress up… especially my youngest. Every morning we stare at the closet trying to pick out the princess dress she wants to wear that day. And let me just say that if her outfit does not include an enormous tutu, there will be tears! But it doesn’t stop with the dress. My daughters are regularly adorning themselves in play jewelry, tiaras, and sparkly shoes. They love to look like beautiful princesses; and as their mom, I love to see them twirl around the house feeling beautiful and confident.

Growing up changes us. Somewhere along the way we exchange our tiaras and Superman capes for reality. And I’m not so sure this is a good thing… Continue Reading

New Identity: What the Bible Says About You (and what it doesn’t) | alyssajhoward.com

New Identity: What the Bible Says About You (and what it doesn’t)

Our new identity in Christ is something I am personally very passionate about. In our church today, I hear so many Christians speak poorly about themselves, and it truly saddens me. I must admit that I used to be one of them. I used to believe that I was a lowly, undeserving sinner. How could God possibly want me? How could He use someone like me? Weren’t there people out there who were more “qualified” in the eyes of God?

And then I started learning about my identity as God’s child. You see, I used to be a sinner, but I’m not a sinner anymore. I’m a child of the living God. And if you’re a believer, the same is true of you. Continue Reading

What's in a Name {How Our Names Shape Our Identity} | alyssajhoward.com

What’s in a Name? {How Our Names Shape Our Identity}

The moment I found out that I was pregnant, it began – the name game. It took a while for me and my husband to agree on names (for both our girls); but once we gave them their names, that was it. They became their names. We talked about them and to them by name before they were born. Even during labor, my midwife would call my daughters by their names.

Names are important. If they weren’t, parents wouldn’t spend so much time agonizing over the perfect names for their children. They will be called by that name for their entire existence. Continue Reading

Identity Crisis: The Labels We Accept and Reject | alyssajhoward.com

Identity Crisis: The Labels We Accept and Reject

How important are labels? If we’re being truly honest, we know that they can literally make or break us. How you view your identity shapes every decision and action you make – both consciously and subconsciously.

So if someone were to ask you today who you are, what would you say? Continue Reading

True Identity: Discovering the Real You | alyssajhoward.com

True Identity: Discovering the Real You

Follow your heart. Be who you are. Do what makes you happy. Discover your true identity. We are bombarded by these messages on a daily basis. Our children are being raised in a culture that preaches these messages in nearly every outlet they are exposed to.

On the surface, these messages are good and wholesome. I want my daughters to be the best they can be. I desire their happiness and success. And I would love to see them discover something they love and excel at it. There is just one problem…

When it comes to our true identity, there is a big difference between being who you are and being who you were created to be.


True Identity: Discovering the Real You | alyssajhoward.com Continue Reading

A Question of Identity: Who Are You Really? | alyssasjhoward.com

A Question of Identity: Who Are You Really?

Are you a follower of Christ? It’s a simple yes or no question. In Matthew chapter 26, it was a question that Peter couldn’t answer. Of all people, one would think that a disciple of Jesus could have answered that question with ease. He had walked and talked with Jesus. He had witnessed all of his miracles and teachings. Yet when put to the test, he failed. Peter could not identify himself as one of Christ’s followers. Continue Reading