3 Ways to Fight Fear and Rest in the Peace of God

Fear is something that most of us consider to be a normal part of being human. It’s a natural emotion, one that we often can’t control. From birth, we instinctively feel fear in various situations. Yet, most of us also know that fear can be unhealthy and that some fears need to be dealt with head-on. Take, for example, a young child who’s afraid to go to school for the first time. It’s only natural for that child to be nervous or afraid, but at some point, they will need to face that fear in order to learn and grow. So how do we fight fear? And how do we know which fears are good for us and which fears will harm us in the long run? Continue Reading

Never Be Shaken: Is Your Life Defined by Courage or Fear?

A couple of years ago, a major windstorm came through my home town. The one thing I remember most about that night was sitting on our couch looking out our big front window at the enormous pine trees in our neighborhood. They swayed back and forth in a way that made everyone a bit uneasy. We knew that at any moment, one of them could fall and destroy everything in its path. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of that night was not which trees fell, but rather which trees didn’t. Some of the most fragile looking trees were still standing the next morning. What made these trees stronger than the others? Continue Reading

What to Do When Your Child Struggles with Nightmares | alyssajhoward.com

What to Do When Your Child Struggles with Nightmares

A few weeks ago, it happened. My daughter had her first real nightmare. It actually caught me off guard. Up until this point, neither of my daughters have suffered from nightmares. Interestingly enough, she didn’t wake up with it; rather, she told me about it the next day. I won’t go into specifics over the details, but it was very vivid. And as her mom, I felt deeply sad for her. I honestly didn’t know what to do for her… so I prayed. Continue Reading

Dare to Be Bold: 3 Truths That Will Change the Way You Live

I’ve always been a little shy. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy writing so much. I’m able to say what is on my heart without fear or inhibition. But as I was sitting in my Bible study small group this morning, I felt that little nudge from the Holy Spirit. “Stop thinking that you’re shy. You’re bold because you have Me living within you.” I was instantly convicted. Continue Reading

10 Bible Verses for When You’re Afraid

Do you ever find yourself afraid?  Fear is a common problem for man – so much so that the phrase “do not fear” is mentioned hundreds of times throughout Scripture. Much of our lives, our world, and our culture are beyond our control or understanding. But if you consider yourself to be a child of God, then fear should be a thing of the past because we have a sovereign Father who holds the world in His hands. Continue Reading

When You Feel like a Grasshopper in a World Filled with Giants | alyssajhoward.com

When You Feel like a Grasshopper in a World Filled with Giants

No one enjoys feeling weak or vulnerable, yet it is inevitable to feel this way at some point. We all feel small sometimes… especially when it seems like the cards are stacked against us. When it came time for the Israelites to finally enter the Promised Land, God commanded Moses to send 12 spies into the land to survey the scene. After forty days, the men brought their reports back to the Israelites. Needless to say, there were mixed reviews.The land was exactly as God had promised. It truly flowed with milk and honey, and it was everything the Israelites could ever need or want. There was just one problem… they would have to fight for it. Continue Reading

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? | alyssajhoward.com

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love the pumpkins, the falling leaves, and of course drinking hot chocolate on a cool autumn day. There is, however, one thing I’m somewhat torn over… Halloween. Don’t get me wrong. I would love nothing more than to dress my adorable toddlers up in cute costumes and then show them off as we go door to door. There’s just one problem. As a Christian, how do I justify my Christian beliefs with Halloween? Can I still live out my faith and participate in this holiday event? Continue Reading

The One Kind of Fear That Sets You Free | alyssajhoward.com

The One Kind of Fear That Sets You Free

I think it’s safe to say that we are all afraid of something. In this world, we are taught to be brave and face our fears head on, but that’s usually easier said than done. Fear truly is our greatest enemy. It keeps us from being at peace and enjoying life. It also keeps us from living the abundant life God has given us. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Never Fear the Course God Has Placed You On | alyssajhoward.com

5 Ways to Never Fear the Course God Has Placed You On

A successful runner is ready for all of the challenges that may come. If they are preparing to race on a course with many hills, they focus on hill training. If they are training for a trail run, they will spend their time on trails. Their training will reflect the upcoming race they are about to run.

The same is true in our walk with God. He will often lead us through different terrains so that our faith and endurance grow. He knows the “race” we are preparing for, and He is faithful to “train” us appropriately. The road ahead can often be intimidating. It’s easy to allow fear to take over when you are “walking through the valley of the shadow of death” as David so eloquently put it. But David chose not to fear. He knew that he wasn’t alone on that road – and neither are we. Continue Reading