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What to Do When God Calls You out of Your Comfort Zone

Has God ever called you to something completely out of your comfort zone? Something that stretched you so much that you questioned if it was even God? Why would He ask you to do the impossible? How could He expect you to step forward when common sense says you shouldn’t? But the truth is that this is often how God works in our lives. Why? Because He’s the God of the impossible. What better way to prove Himself than to miraculously bring about the impossible in our own lives? Continue Reading

Ruth: Grace, Destiny, and Purpose in the Midst of Sorrow

Do you ever feel under qualified, inadequate, or too broken to be used by God? The enemy likes to make us believe that we aren’t good enough to accomplish God’s best for our lives. But unfortunately for him, the Bible is filled with stories about people who by worldly standards weren’t adequate enough for the task at hand… but God chose to give them an amazing destiny in Him. Continue Reading