Armor of God: An Introduction |

Armor of God: An Introduction

Growing up in the church, I have been taught numerous times about the armor of God. In the book of Ephesians, Paul warns believers to be prepared for battle. He lays out a detailed list of armor that we as Christians should “put on” as we prepare for war. As a kid, I understood the mental image, but I never fully understood what this armor meant until I was older and faced the battle in a very real way.


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When You Feel like a Grasshopper in a World Filled with Giants |

When You Feel like a Grasshopper in a World Filled with Giants

No one enjoys feeling weak or vulnerable, yet it is inevitable to feel this way at some point. We all feel small sometimes… especially when it seems like the cards are stacked against us. When it came time for the Israelites to finally enter the Promised Land, God commanded Moses to send 12 spies into the land to survey the scene. After forty days, the men brought their reports back to the Israelites. Needless to say, there were mixed reviews.The land was exactly as God had promised. It truly flowed with milk and honey, and it was everything the Israelites could ever need or want. There was just one problem… they would have to fight for it. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Never Fear the Course God Has Placed You On |

5 Ways to Never Fear the Course God Has Placed You On

A successful runner is ready for all of the challenges that may come. If they are preparing to race on a course with many hills, they focus on hill training. If they are training for a trail run, they will spend their time on trails. Their training will reflect the upcoming race they are about to run.

The same is true in our walk with God. He will often lead us through different terrains so that our faith and endurance grow. He knows the “race” we are preparing for, and He is faithful to “train” us appropriately. The road ahead can often be intimidating. It’s easy to allow fear to take over when you are “walking through the valley of the shadow of death” as David so eloquently put it. But David chose not to fear. He knew that he wasn’t alone on that road – and neither are we. Continue Reading

Racing to Win: 5 Principles That Will Prepare You for Ministry |

Racing to Win: 5 Principles That Will Prepare You for Ministry

If you are a follower of Christ, you are in full-time ministry. Whether you are a pastor, a teacher, a nurse, an accountant, or a stay-at-home mom… you are called to represent Christ to everyone He has placed in your life. Pastors and teachers are wonderful (and we need them), but every believer is called to share Christ’s love, not just those in church leadership. Not all of us are called to be pastors or missionaries, but we are all called to serve, love others, and share the Gospel with those around us. Continue Reading

Training for the Hills: When Life Feels Like an Uphill Battle

As a runner, it is important to never give up on the hills. Stay steady, maintain your form, and you will reach the top. The same is true in life.

Hill training can be very intimidating for the novice runner. Because I spend most of my time running indoors on a treadmill, I sometimes forget about hill training altogether. Training is essential, however, when it comes to tackling hills. Whether going uphill or downhill, both present a new set of challenges. And these challenges help us to grow as athletes – both mentally and physically. Continue Reading

How to Be Prepared and Well-Trained as Believers |

How to Be Prepared and Well-Trained as Believers

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of training when it comes to running. My very first race was a 12k, and unfortunately, I wasn’t too prepared for it. To be honest, I had just started running a few weeks prior to the race. I made it through, but it was incredibly painful. I was sore for days, and I’m pretty sure I pulled a muscle (or two). Needless to say, I will never try to do that again! Continue Reading