When the Enemy Has You Surrounded | alyssajhoward.com

When the Enemy Has You Surrounded

Do you ever feel like the enemy has you surrounded? The Bible tells us our battle is not against flesh and blood. And if we could spiritually see what the battle really looked like, we would no longer be afraid. This is exactly what happened for Elisha and the Syrian army. Continue Reading

10 Bible Verses That Will Strengthen Your Faith | alyssajhoward.com

10 Bible Verses That Will Strengthen Your Faith

So much of our Christian faith is just that… faith. And let’s be honest, trusting God in a culture that believes nothing to be true that can’t be studied or examined using our five senses can be difficult. Some may think we are crazy for praying to an “invisible” God and believing that Jesus is King of kings. But those of us who know the truth, know it because God has revealed Himself to us in some way. He has proven Himself to be real and true in our lives. Continue Reading

Are You Working Too Hard? How to Know If Your Work Is in Vain

Do you ever feel like you’re working too hard? Don’t get me wrong, hard work is usually a good thing. But then there are times when you are so overworked that you are consumed by it. Honestly, I think we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Even as a high school student, I remember staying up all night studying for finals. And college was even worse… Now as an adult, I have to find ways to balance my career, my work as a wife and mom, and finding time to relax and enjoy my family. Is this what God intended for our lives? Continue Reading

When God Does the Impossible and Shocks the World

How does the world respond when God does the impossible? More importantly, how do you respond? We live in a culture that emphasizes science and believing only in what you can experience with your five senses. When the miraculous occurs, we try to find a logical or scientific way to explain it. And when we can’t? We call it coincidence, fate, or destiny. But throughout history, God has done the impossible. He has performed miracles that can’t be explained with science… things so shocking that they couldn’t possibly be a coincidence. Continue Reading

4 Things Freedom is Not: What It Means to be Free

This week we celebrate the birth of our grand nation and the freedom we enjoy because of the many men and women who fought and sacrificed to win that freedom for us. May we never forget the fact that their sacrifices paid for many of the freedoms we enjoy (and often take for granted) today. But for some, the definition of “freedom” has evolved since the early days of this country. And a distorted view of freedom will shape the way you see yourself, the way you live your life, and the way you treat others. It can also distort the way you view your freedom in Christ… Continue Reading

4 Keys to Enjoying Your Life the Way God Intended

Are you enjoying your life? Do you have fun and live in the moment of each beautiful day? Perhaps the daily struggles of life keep you from finding true contentment. Or maybe you’re enduring a difficult season that has you feeling anything but joyful. The truth is that God intended for us to enjoy our lives. Yes, suffering is a part of life… the Bible says so. But that doesn’t mean our Father intended for us to be miserable. It is how we respond to the trials of life that make or break us. And His Word offers an abundance of wisdom regarding the discovery of joy and peace in this life. Continue Reading

Praying for Wisdom: Truth from the Life of King Solomon | alyssajhoward.com

Praying for Wisdom: Truth from the Life of King Solomon

Do you ever find yourself praying for wisdom? Making major life changes and decisions can be tough. And it’s often in these moments that we come to God for His wisdom. But what about wisdom in our every day lives? Do we pray for wisdom when it comes to how we interact with our children? Do we rely on His wisdom when having simple day-to-day conversations with friends and loved ones? If you’re anything like me, you’ve gone to God for wisdom when facing big, life-altering decisions. But the truth is that He longs for us to walk in His wisdom in every life circumstance… big and small. Continue Reading

Coping with Anxiety When It Happens (and trust me... it will!) | alyssajhoward.com

Coping with Anxiety When It Happens (and trust me… it will!)

I was required to take a course in college on stress management, and it changed the way I thought about stress. Things WILL happen in our lives that cause stress. It’s how we deal with these “stressors” that make or break us. This class gave us many practical tools to cope, but it left out one crucial element. As Believers, we have access to the most powerful stress relieving tool of all. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, coping with anxiety is entirely possible. Continue Reading

What We Learn About Jealousy, Fear, and Love in the Life of David | alyssajhoward.com

What We Learn About Jealousy, Fear, and Love in the Life of David

The life of David was both exciting and complex. He was a man after God’s own heart, yet he dealt with his fair share of ups and downs. An artist at heart, he wrote poetry and songs to God pouring out his heart in an intimate way. But David was far from perfect. He dealt with sin, struggles, jealousy, pride, and hatred… both within himself as well as with the people around him. But through it all, God never left his side. In fact, it would be through David’s bloodline that Jesus would be born. Continue Reading

10 Bible Verses that Proclaim Your Freedom in Jesus | alyssajhoward.com

10 Bible Verses that Proclaim Your Freedom in Jesus

Do you ever feel stuck or trapped in your circumstances? We all crave freedom in our lives. In fact, it was the desire for freedom that inspired the beginnings of our great nation. But freedom goes beyond our rights to worship and free speech. Jesus died to set us free from sin, death, and the corruption of this world. And when you surrender your heart to Him, your freedom in Jesus is secure for all eternity. Continue Reading

3 Ways to Set Your Mind on Things Above

Set your mind on things above… Growing up in the church, this was something I commonly heard. But what does it mean to think about things above? Are we called to think about God? Or heaven? Our future in Him? Or is there more to it than that? Continue Reading

David and Goliath: When You Feel Insignificant in World Full of Giants

Do you ever feel insignificant in this world? Do you wonder about your place in it all? There are many things in this world that can overwhelm us… relationships, finances, careers, health issues… it’s easy to feel small sometimes in the midst of it all. Many of us know the story of David and Goliath. In this story, David didn’t just feel small… he WAS small. He faced a giant that was very apparently bigger than him. It was a battle he should have lost, but God gave him the victory.

Continue Reading

Taking Life One Day at a Time When You’re Emotionally Drained

Stress. Anxiety. Fear. We all experience it. And when it happens, it has a way of draining us both emotionally and physically. A while back, I wrote a post called 10 Bible Verses for When You’re Emotionally Drained. This post has received more traffic than any other blog post I have written by far. We obviously have a problem in this area as a culture. (And on a side note, I am glad to see that we’re seeking God’s Word for help!) The truth is that Jesus had a lot to say about worry and anxiety. He cautioned His followers to take one day at a time and not worry about the cares of tomorrow. But what does this look like in action? Continue Reading

Samuel and the Call of God: Paving the Way to the Messiah | alyssajhoward.com

Samuel and the Call of God: Paving the Way to the Messiah

Samuel is one of the most well-known prophets in the Bible. And while there is no written record of him prophesying a future Messiah, Peter describes him as being the first prophet to speak of the days when a Messiah would come. (Acts 3:24) He was the last of the judges in Israel and would anoint its first two kings – Saul and David. God used Samuel in many ways to lead the nation of Israel during a time of transition. And his life would also foreshadow the biggest transition of all for God’s people… the beginning of the Kingdom of God. Continue Reading

4 Ways We Can Take Back This Country for God | alyssajhoward.com

4 Ways We Can Take Back This Country for God

As I look around at this country of ours, one thing is clear. Christians have become discouraged. On almost a daily basis, I hear someone say or read an article that declares just how far this nation has come from the truth of God. And news channels don’t help. If anything, their job is to make us even more afraid. After all, fear motivates and sells better than anything else. And you can expect that if something happens that would cause fear, it will be shared on the news. So where do we go from here? Do we simply throw in the towel and give up on our nation? Or do we fight and take back this country for God? Is it even possible? Continue Reading