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3 Reasons Why Your Identity Matters in Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is something that we all face, even when we don’t realize it. On a daily basis, we fight the lies of the enemy. When he tells you that you’re not worth it, makes you wonder if God will ever accomplish what He has for your life, or causes you to question how you could possibly be worthy of love with all of the mistakes you’ve made… We all must know how to handle thoughts like these because they will come at some point. Continue Reading

Identity Theft: 3 More Reasons to Guard Your Identity in Christ

There’s nothing more important than our identity. Understanding who we are is crucial to comprehending who God is and what He ultimately did for us on the cross. In a previous post, we addressed two very important reasons to guard your identity against the enemy – the ultimate identity thief. The Bible tells us that he comes to “steal, kill, and destroy,” and as we’ve learned from our modern culture, identity theft is one of the most harmful crimes to commit. Continue Reading

Identity Theft: 2 Reasons to Guard Your Identity in Christ

Who do you think you are? Our culture is currently obsessed with this question. We’ve tried to define ourselves in so many different ways over the years, all in an attempt to “find ourselves.” Honestly, it’s something that the entire human race has in common. We all want to know and understand our identity. We crave to know who we are, where we come from, and what we are destined to become. Continue Reading

Treasure of God: Ridding Ourselves of Low Self-Worth

I recently read an article that emphasized our need to minimize our self-worth. We are called to die to ourselves and live for Christ. While this may be true, (God hates pride) something struck me as I was reading his words. In our attempt to be humble and “die to ourselves,” we have become a people who prides themselves on low self-esteem and worth. We equate humility with thinking lowly of ourselves. But we are God’s treasure. Low self-worth was never His intention for His people.  Continue Reading

You Are Valuable to God: How to Walk in Your New Identity

Before Christ, I was a slave to sin and to this world. My life lacked purpose and meaning, and I was on the road to death rather than life. I desperately needed a Savior – Jesus Christ – to rescue me.

It’s such a simple concept, yet I feel that over the years the enemy has distorted this message. Many of us are walking around holding on to the labels of who we used to be (sinners, slaves, etc.) instead of stepping into who God intends for us to be.

Yes, before Christ I was incapable of anything resembling righteousness… but the key word here is “was.” I was incapable. I was living for my own pleasure instead of living for God. And I was doomed to death as the result of my sin. But in Christ, these things are no longer true.


You Are Valuable to God: How to Walk in Your New Identity | alyssajhoward.com Continue Reading

True Identity: Discovering the Real You | alyssajhoward.com

True Identity: Discovering the Real You

AFollow your heart. Be who you are. Do what makes you happy. Discover your true identity. We are bombarded by these messages on a daily basis. Our children are being raised in a culture that preaches these messages in nearly every outlet they are exposed to.

On the surface, these messages are good and wholesome. I want my daughters to be the best they can be. I desire their happiness and success. And I would love to see them discover something they love and excel at it. There is just one problem…

When it comes to our true identity, there is a big difference between being who you are and being who you were created to be.


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