Unmistakably His: A Story of Confidence and Grace

Today, I am honored to feature guest writer Kate Schwab!


A few weekends ago I attended a faith-based writers conference. I had never been to one, and I
have to say – it was awesome! The huge throng of people who showed up, (mostly women) the
excitement in the air, the publishers that attended; looking for new talent and fresh voices, and
best of all the Holy Spirit moving with us throughout the day. It was incredible. Continue Reading

How to Stand in Faith When Things Don’t Seem to Change

Are you battle weary? Is your shield becoming heavy as you continue to stand in faith for what God has promised?  You’ve searched the scriptures, and you’re certain that what you are praying for is His heart for you.  He has made it clear that it’s His promise, yet as the weeks, months, and even years pass you are yet to see the manifestation of it.  Does it seem like some prayers are answered with no wait at all and others must be contended for?

I understand. I’ve been there.  I’m there right now, in fact.  If you’ve been a Christian very long you’ve probably experienced this in your own life by now.  How do you keep going when it seems like your answer is nowhere in sight? Continue Reading

When Idols Fall: Worldly Loves vs a Holy God | alyssajhoward.com

When Idols Fall: Worldly Loves vs a Holy God

Today I am honored to feature guest writer Anna Koeppe! Be sure to check out more of her amazing posts at Without Hindrance.


Sometimes God is funny. Actually, He’s funny a lot of the time. He often proves both His power and His points in humorous ways. Today’s Bible story about idolatry is no exception.

First, some quick background on the issue. I’ve noticed idolatry becoming a more widespread topic in Christian articles and conversations lately. So, you probably know the kind of idolatry I’ll be discussing today doesn’t involve chanting to ancient golden statues or meditating before eerie fish gods. Continue Reading

When You Don't Have a Church Home | alyssajhoward.com

When You Don’t Have a Church Home {Why Bother With Church}

I grew up in the church, and I never once questioned the benefits of attending. In my mind, it was simply something Christians were supposed to do. We worship together, give offerings, hear a sermon, and recharge for the week ahead. I always loved church. Perhaps it was my time spent on the worship team or the fact that I’ve always loved to study and learn. Regardless, I looked forward to Sunday mornings.


About four years ago, my husband experienced a major disappointment at our church home. He was a major part of the worship team, words were said, feelings were hurt, and it felt as if things were crumbling beneath us. The church itself crumbled as well. Nearly every person we knew left to attend elsewhere. It was a mess.

Deeply wounded, my husband asked if we could take a break. He was extremely burned out and wondered if and how he would ever feel “at home” again in a church. Continue Reading

It's Your Move: When God is Waiting on Us | alyssajhoward.com

It’s Your Move: When God is Waiting on Us

Today’s post is written by none other than my amazing mother. She recently shared this story with me, and I just knew it needed to be shared! When God has placed a desire in our hearts and made a way where there was no way, it’s often up to us to make the next move in faith.



Years ago I heard a well-known Bible teacher say that there are times that God will place a desire for something in your heart so that you will pray for it. Once you pray for it, He will then answer your prayer and bring about what He desired for you all along. This was an interesting concept, but I didn’t realize at the time that I was about to experience it personally. Continue Reading