Reputation: Learning to Let Go |

Reputation: Learning to Let Go

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God was very real to me growing up. I didn’t just know about Him; I can honestly say that knew Him on a personal level. What went wrong for me is hard to pinpoint to one single event in my life. It was a very slow downward spiral that I never saw coming. All I know is that I woke up one morning realizing that I was sitting at the bottom of a deep, dark pit of loneliness and confusion. My reputation was destroyed, and I had no idea how I was going to make it out alive.


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Discovering the Cure for the Lonely Heart

Loneliness has plagued us all at some point in our lives. It’s that feeling you get when all you desire is a friend, yet you feel all alone. No one could possibly understand what you’re going through or dealing with. You feel isolated. The world is moving on without you.


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Impossible Battles: Even the Winds and Waves Obey Him |

Impossible Battles: Even the Winds and Waves Obey Him

We all have them. Obstacles and impossible battles that we have no idea how to overcome. We are taught from an early age to face them head on. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. For some of the battles, this is true. We can face them head on and win.

Then there are the impossible battles. The ones where it seems that no amount of fighting will keep us from defeat. The ones where our demise seems inevitable. What about these battles? How can we possibly face these head on when we feel hopeless about the outcome?


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Armor of God: The Sword of the Spirit

Every warrior knows that in order to succeed in battle, one must be prepared both offensively and defensively. Without one or the other, we are doomed to failure. At first glance, the armor of God is all about defense. We do, however, have one offensive weapon – the sword of the Spirit.

The Word of God is our sword – our only offensive weapon against the enemy.


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Living in the Past: Leaving the Chains Behind

Baggage. Regrets. Broken relationships. We all have them. We all have things in our lives we’d rather not discuss – things we wish had gone differently. We’ve all experienced hurt feelings and have hurt others just the same.

But most of us also know that living in the past is no way to live. It keeps us from moving forward.


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Pushing Through the Pain Towards Your Victory in Jesus

When I find myself exhausted during a long run, it’s easy for me to concentrate on how tired and weak I feel. If I stayed in that mindset, however, I would probably find myself defeated. I have to change my thoughts in order to find the strength to keep going. I need to remind myself to breathe and to persevere. I tell myself that pushing through the pain will be worth it.

It is during these difficult moments that I develop the most strength as a runner, and the same is true in life. Learning to endure during a difficult run is very similar to enduring through life’s struggles. If life was never difficult, we wouldn’t have the opportunity for growth.

We usually learn more through our struggles than we do in the good times.

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