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3 Reasons Why You Should Live in the Moment

As Christians, we are often taught to be eternity minded. Colossians 3 tells us to set our minds “on the things above” rather than the things of earth. And Paul often reminded the early believers of the future that awaited them to inspire them and give them hope during their difficult circumstances. But I wonder if in our attempts to be “eternity minded,” we’ve become entirely “future-minded” instead. While it’s a good thing to have hope for our future, we certainly don’t want to miss out on what God has for us in the present. We need to live in the moment and embrace each day as an opportunity to grow and live out the call of God on our lives. Continue Reading

4 Reasons Why the Wisdom of God is Superior to the Wisdom of Man

Do you ever struggle to make decisions in your life? Do you find yourself going back and forth wondering if you made the right choice? What about regrets? Have you made choices in your life that you wished you could take back? If you answered yes to any of these questions, know that you are not alone. I think it’s safe to say we all experience moments of indecision… times when we crave wisdom in our lives.

As Believers, we have the Holy Spirit living within us. And the Bible makes one thing abundantly clear… God’s wisdom is far superior to any and all earthly wisdom. Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why You May Be Lacking Contentment in Your Life | alyssajhoward.com

3 Reasons Why You May Be Lacking Contentment in Your Life

If only I had a better paying job, I would feel better about my finances. If only my children would learn to listen more, I could be a better mom. And if only my spouse would pitch in more with the day-to-day chores, I would feel less overwhelmed. There are many reasons why some of us may be lacking contentment in our lives, but the truth is that most of them aren’t valid. We have a tendency to blame everything (or everyone) around us for the fact that we simply don’t have it.

But truth be told, a lack of contentment has nothing to do with the people around us or our circumstances. Continue Reading

What to Do When You're Feeling Stressed About Finances | alyssajhoward.com

What to Do When You’re Feeling Stressed About Finances

Money isn’t generally something we talk about, yet it’s safe to say we all think about it on a regular basis. It’s a part of our lives, whether we like it or not. And being stressed about finances happens to every single one of us at some point. We know the basics… saving money is good. Overspending is bad. But what if you’re just trying to make ends meet? How do we cope with the stress of simply trying to make everything happen financially that needs to happen? Continue Reading

How to Put on the Garment of Praise When Your Spirit Is Weak | alyssajhoward.com

How to Put on the Garment of Praise When Your Spirit Is Weak

The Bible speaks often of God’s strength in our weaknesses. As Christians, we know that it’s crucial to lean on Him in times of heartache, unrest, and uncertainty. As we approach the holiday season, I have been pondering Isaiah 61:3. This verse reminds us that God gives us a garment of praise in exchange for our “faint spirit.”

But what does praise have to do with finding strength? Continue Reading

A Practical Guide to Standing on the Word of God | alyssajhoward.com

A Practical Guide to Standing on the Word of God

We’ve all been there. Face to face with something we can’t handle on our own. Caught between a rock and a hard place with nowhere to look but up. To say that I’ve been there would be a serious understatement. And I’ve been told many times by trusted (and wise) individuals to stand on the truth of God’s Word… even when my circumstances were less than ideal. But how does standing on the word of God change things? And where do I begin exactly? Continue Reading

How to Cope When Your To Do List Takes Over Your Life | alyssajhoward.com

How to Cope When Your To Do List Takes Over Your Life

If you’re anything like me, you make lists. Lots of lists. I currently have several on my phone, some on my laptop, and sticky notes wherever I can find space. Yes, I’m addicted to lists! But when your to do list takes over your life, how do you handle it? I, for one, struggle with this on a daily basis. Especially recently. You see, my life was thrown a bit off course. In every area of my life – health, family, homemaking, finances – you name it, I was thrown some curve balls! Needless to say, my to do lists suffered. Everything I had intended to accomplish during the months of August and September needed to be set aside. And I had to learn to be okay with it.

It was during this time, however, that God taught me an important lesson. We can make to do lists all day long. But when your life is driven by them, you have a problem. Continue Reading

The REAL Reason Why God Allows You to Be Tested | alyssajhoward.com

The REAL Reason Why God Allows You to Be Tested

I recently read the story of Abraham to my daughters. You know, the one where God asks Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son on an altar only to stop him in the process (much to Isaac’s relief!) I’ve heard this story so many times throughout my lifetime. But as an adult, and especially as a mom, I understand it much differently. Why would God ask such a thing? How could Abraham even fathom doing as God had asked? Continue Reading

Never Be Shaken: Is Your Life Defined by Courage or Fear?

A couple of years ago, a major windstorm came through my home town. The one thing I remember most about that night was sitting on our couch looking out our big front window at the enormous pine trees in our neighborhood. They swayed back and forth in a way that made everyone a bit uneasy. We knew that at any moment, one of them could fall and destroy everything in its path. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of that night was not which trees fell, but rather which trees didn’t. Some of the most fragile looking trees were still standing the next morning. What made these trees stronger than the others? Continue Reading

When Things Don't Go as Planned: How to Recover from Disappointment | alyssajhoward.com

When Things Don’t Go as Planned: How to Recover from Disappointment

Nearly six years ago, I had a job interview for what I felt was my “dream job.” I prepared for weeks, the timing felt right, and I seriously believed this was it for me. The interview went well, but they ended up choosing someone else for the position. At first, I was really disappointed. But after about six months, I realized why God had allowed this to happen in my life. I not only learned a lesson in how to recover from disappointment, but my career plans took a turn when God put a desire in my heart to write. Continue Reading

Life is full of trials and difficult circumstances. No person is immune. So what are we as Christians to do when life seems to be spinning out of control?

When Your Life Is Spinning Out of Control

The perfect storm… it’s a term we use to describe a storm that is so beyond destructive, so meticulous in its design, that it is nothing short of perfection. This is not exactly the term you would want to use to describe your life. But unfortunately, many of us have been there. We look around at our lives and see a whirlwind of problems threatening to destroy us. So what are we as Christians to do when our life seems to be spinning out of control? Continue Reading

3 Ways to Protect Your Heart from Offense | alyssajhoward.com

3 Ways to Protect Your Heart from Offense

In our politically correct culture, offense is the name of the game. We get offended over every little thing. And I mean every. little. thing. But should offense be a part of the Christian life? The truth is that the Bible calls us to forgive the way Jesus forgave us. That means always and for everything. So if we’re being honest with ourselves, being offended is the exact opposite of that command. Continue Reading

How to Stand in Faith When Things Don’t Seem to Change

Are you battle weary? Is your shield becoming heavy as you continue to stand in faith for what God has promised?  You’ve searched the scriptures, and you’re certain that what you are praying for is His heart for you.  He has made it clear that it’s His promise, yet as the weeks, months, and even years pass you are yet to see the manifestation of it.  Does it seem like some prayers are answered with no wait at all and others must be contended for?

I understand. I’ve been there.  I’m there right now, in fact.  If you’ve been a Christian very long you’ve probably experienced this in your own life by now.  How do you keep going when it seems like your answer is nowhere in sight? Continue Reading

How to Rid Your Mind of Stress: Trusting God with the Day-to-Day | alyssajhoward.com

How to Rid Your Mind of Stress: Trusting God with the Day-to-Day

When I was a freshman in college, I was required to take a class called “stress management.” I learned one important truth: if you desire to rid your mind of stress… good luck! Instead, I was taught how to manage my stress because truth be told, stress is a part of life. The sooner I accepted that fact, the better off I would be in managing it. There was just one problem with this particular class… God wasn’t a part of the equation. The Bible tells us that stress, fear, anxiety, and worry are all a part of our lives before Christ.

Perfect love casts out all fear… and Jesus is the very definition of perfect love. Continue Reading

It’s Okay to Grieve: A Biblical Look at Losing a Loved One | alyssajhoward.com

It’s Okay to Grieve: A Biblical Look at Losing a Loved One

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was at a concert with friends when I received the call that my grandpa had died. It wasn’t a total surprise. My parents were actually there visiting him in the hospital because we knew his time was short. But none of that mattered. It was still just as hard. It was difficult finding out in front of my friends. I didn’t feel like I could grieve his loss. It wasn’t until later that I was able to let my guard down and cry. Continue Reading