Life is full of trials and difficult circumstances. No person is immune. So what are we as Christians to do when life seems to be spinning out of control?

When Your Life Is Spinning Out of Control

The perfect storm… it’s a term we use to describe a storm that is so beyond destructive, so meticulous in its design, that it is nothing short of perfection. This is not exactly the term you would want to use to describe your life. But unfortunately, many of us have been there. We look around at our lives and see a whirlwind of problems threatening to destroy us. So what are we as Christians to do when our life seems to be spinning out of control? Continue Reading

The True Definition of What It Means to be Free |

The True Definition of What It Means to be Free

As an American, you live in the land of the free and home of the brave. But what does it really mean to be free? One look at the media, and it’s clear that our culture has a warped view of the term. Freedom once meant that you were no longer a slave to some form of bondage, but now it means that you are “free” to do whatever you like without restriction or consequence. You can say what you please, do as you wish, and be whoever you want to be… you seek your own happiness at any cost. But this is not what it means to be free. Continue Reading

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Church

We all have different methods of finding a local church to attend. Some of us go where we have the most friends. Others pick churches for their amazing worship team or inspiring sermons. Some of us like a more traditional feel, while others prefer a more contemporary vibe. Truth be told, many of us will attend several different churches throughout our lifetime. Our personal preferences change, we move to new cities, we get married, etc. We all have our reasons for attending a new church. So is there a “right” way to go about choosing a church to attend? Continue Reading

When Spiritual Battle Has Made You Weary |

When Spiritual Battle Has Made You Weary

You’re tired, weary, and you lack motivation. You’ve been spiritually fighting for a long while now, and you feel bruised and nearly defeated. I would be lying if I said I haven’t been there. The Bible tells us that our victory is secure in Christ and that He will be our strength in all things, but I have experienced times in my life when I felt nothing but weak and utterly defeated. What do you do when the truth of God’s Word seems to directly contradict what you are feeling and experiencing in your life? Continue Reading

3 Ways to Renew Your Mind and Better Your Marriage

Marriages are never easy. As compatible as you think you are with someone, at some point you will disagree. It’s at this point that most of us seek out a way to better our marriage. We try to fight less, have “date” nights, read marriage books, and look for advice from those who have been married longer than us. But when push comes to shove, many issues within our marriage could be solved if we would simply choose to renew our thinking. Continue Reading

3 Ways to Recover from a Parenting Failure

It happened one sunny day not too long ago. I lost it. And by “it,” I mean that I lost my temper. And when I say “one sunny day,” I mean today. (How’s that for transparency!) I have two little girls, and I love them more than anything. Seriously… they mean the world to me and I would do anything for them. But unfortunately, these tiny humans know how to push my buttons. They know how to get under my skin at the worst possible moments. It’s normal to have a parenting failure from time to time. We would all be lying to say it never happens to us. So how do we recover from the wreckage?  Continue Reading

3 Ways to Protect Your Heart from Offense |

3 Ways to Protect Your Heart from Offense

In our politically correct culture, offense is the name of the game. We get offended over every little thing. And I mean every. little. thing. But should offense be a part of the Christian life? The truth is that the Bible calls us to forgive the way Jesus forgave us. That means always and for everything. So if we’re being honest with ourselves, being offended is the exact opposite of that command. Continue Reading

When Your Children Want Nothing to Do with God |

When Your Children Want Nothing to Do with God

We all want what’s best for our children. I’ve only been a mother a short time, but I’ve learned more about what it means to be a parent in these six short years than any parenting book could have ever taught me. And I am FAR from being an expert! But there is one thing I do know for certain. I love my children. And as a child of God, I know that the only way to raise my children to be all that God intended them to be is to raise them in a way that leads them to the love of Christ. It would break my heart to see them in a place where they wanted nothing to do with God; but unfortunately, I know of far too many mothers (and fathers) who have had to watch their children grow far from Him. Continue Reading

5 Things God Will Use in Your Life to Produce Spiritual Growth |

5 Things God Will Use in Your Life to Produce Spiritual Growth

Do you crave spiritual growth? Do you long to mature in your faith? As Christians, we are called to aim for growth. We make efforts to grow closer to God by praying, reading our Bibles, attending church, etc. But what I find interesting is that the New Testament claims that true spiritual growth occurs when we endure trials. Can we grow by spending more time with God? Of course, we can! But truth be told, more growth happens in times of difficulty than any other time of our lives. Continue Reading

How to Stand in Faith When Things Don’t Seem to Change

Are you battle weary? Is your shield becoming heavy as you continue to stand in faith for what God has promised?  You’ve searched the scriptures, and you’re certain that what you are praying for is His heart for you.  He has made it clear that it’s His promise, yet as the weeks, months, and even years pass you are yet to see the manifestation of it.  Does it seem like some prayers are answered with no wait at all and others must be contended for?

I understand. I’ve been there.  I’m there right now, in fact.  If you’ve been a Christian very long you’ve probably experienced this in your own life by now.  How do you keep going when it seems like your answer is nowhere in sight? Continue Reading

Why It's Important for Your Children to Witness Your Marriage |

Why It’s Important for Your Children to Witness Your Marriage

And they lived happily ever after… From an early age, these are often the words our children first learn about marriage. After all, nearly every princess fairy tale ends in a wedding gown. Most don’t dive into the inner workings of a marriage. We never see Cinderella and Prince Charming in the middle of a heated argument. We only see the dress, the fairy tale, and the happy ending. This is why it is so important for your children to witness your marriage… They need to see what happily ever after actually looks like in the real world. Continue Reading

Ruth: Grace, Destiny, and Purpose in the Midst of Sorrow

Do you ever feel under qualified, inadequate, or too broken to be used by God? The enemy likes to make us believe that we aren’t good enough to accomplish God’s best for our lives. But unfortunately for him, the Bible is filled with stories about people who by worldly standards weren’t adequate enough for the task at hand… but God chose to give them an amazing destiny in Him. Continue Reading

How to Rid Your Mind of Stress: Trusting God with the Day-to-Day |

How to Rid Your Mind of Stress: Trusting God with the Day-to-Day

When I was a freshman in college, I was required to take a class called “stress management.” I learned one important truth: if you desire to rid your mind of stress… good luck! Instead, I was taught how to manage my stress because truth be told, stress is a part of life. The sooner I accepted that fact, the better off I would be in managing it. There was just one problem with this particular class… God wasn’t a part of the equation. The Bible tells us that stress, fear, anxiety, and worry are all a part of our lives before Christ.

Perfect love casts out all fear… and Jesus is the very definition of perfect love. Continue Reading

How to Teach Your Child about Heaven

My family recently experienced the death of a loved one. As I told my young daughters, I was met with a billion and one questions. What does it mean to die? Where do we go? What is heaven like? I truly believe it is important to teach your child about heaven. For Christians, heaven isn’t a far away place in the distant future. It is our home. In fact, the Bible tells us to make it our focus. Continue Reading

How to Be Intimate with God: Relationships Are a Two-Way Street |

How to Be Intimate with God: Relationships Are a Two-Way Street

The entire purpose of Christianity is for God to be intimate with His creation. I know that may seem like a bold claim, but it’s true. In the Garden of Eden, God walked with Adam and Eve. They had a relationship unlike any other. They were intimate with God. But when sin entered the world, all that changed. Ever since that infamous day in the Garden, God has been at work making all things new. He’s restoring what once was… all so that He could walk with us once again. Continue Reading